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You may find answers or solutions refer to questions in using the programs, by selecting a category below to show Q&As.
If you still have problems, please submit questions to us. We will reply you as soon as possible by sending email.

Frequent Questions and Answers
1. I have downloaded the free trail, but I can't logon with a password.
After download the installing file, you have to submit the form for free trial. You will receive an email contains a username let you logon.
2. I am having major problem's opening the software.
The program can not be opened when you download it. It's an install package, so you have to save it on your disk and then install the program.
3. I received a username for free trial. but it doesn't work.
It is case sensitive. Check characters in uppercase or lowercase.
4. I have just purchased ForCoach software but I still haven't received my Registration Code. How do I get it?
ForCoach will send your password and registration number in two working days, not immediately after your ordering. It will be take time to transact your credit card or check. On other situation, you maybe not provided correct email address. If did not, you have to contact with service@forcaoch.com as soon as possible.
5. If I order a user license of ForCoach software, how many computers can I use the software on?
Only one, the license is granted according to the Installation Code. If you want to use the software on another computer, you have to choose B2 in ordering.
ForCoach Tactics
1. When I'm in the Tactics, the "Animating through one frame" is disabled.
You have to set the state to Trace Lines and add some time frames. Thus you can create trace lines of players by dragging. Once trace lines are created, the button will be enable automatically.
2. I have everything working and set up. But how do I print it out?
Click Print on the File menu. If in the Animation state, it is only available when animating is done.
3. Why is no trace created when I drag a player in tactics?
Check the state if in Trace Lines and any time frames existing.
4. I am able to play an animation diagram. But what has to be done to close it?
You have to clear the results of animation, what makes the most of functions frozen. To do this, you can click 'Clear' on the 'Animation' menu or the image button.
ForCoach of Soccer
1. How do I replace the team icon with our own logo?
You can create your logo picture in MS Paint or other tools. The logo picture had better is 20X20 pixels and 256 color. Clicking the team icon in the Team Map by the right mouse button, select Change Icon on the popup menu. Then you can add your logo picture to the Icons List and set it as the team icon.
2. Can I display my playing system with one team?
Yes. Select Show Only One Team on the Formations menu or the popup menu of the field pane.
3. How do I view the statistics of League Fixture?
Clicking the left top cell Click Here, select Current Results on the popup menu.
4. I can not edit gray fields in a person card, why?
There is highlighting label Show above them. Click it.
Tactics Tutorials
A tutorial video attempting to make users get familiar with ForCoach Tactics

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Message Board
A convenient way to get assistance, posting your questions in using the programs, you will be responded by ForCoach's support or some skilled users.
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