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February 15, 2013 BACK TO TOP
New Menu Links On Three ForCoach Programs' Top Bar

When you're working on a diagram with ForCoach Tactics and want to open a file contains references you often review. Now you can manage files by adding them as links to the Menu Links.

It also allows you make a folder as a link which shows a submenu linked to files under the folder.

Web page URLs are accepted for the menu, being opened on your default Internet browser by clicking menu items.

This is a fast way to access to co-working programs and your reference stuff.


December 8, 2011 BACK TO TOP
ForCoach Statistics Renewed

When you record things happen in playing game, all features and buttons are accessible by using keyboard shortcuts.

The keyboard shortcuts are customizable, no matter of what type of your keyboard.

As noticed more users work with video stuff to review played games, the timer can be paused. This allows you pause the recording status if you want to leave from your computer shortly. The paused status can also be saved in files.

Movement in the table of records is improved. Now, it's easier to change cell selection by pressing keys.


December 17, 2010 BACK TO TOP
Exporting from ForCoach Statistics

Now, you can export match settings, records in playing and statistics results to MS Excel Sheets or a CSV file, and the Coaching Points to Word Document. By editing the exported file, you can print the stuff out then in your own format.

In this version, records and statistics results are based on text expression of event defined originally instead of the current settings.


June 23, 2010 BACK TO TOP
Video to Image, New in ForCoach Tactics

Video clips may be getting a kind of essential materials for creating your own drills. With the new feature in ForCoach Tactics, Video to Image, you can utilize them more efficiently.

On the integrated video player, when a video is being played, you can capture the image shown at time and send it as a reference picture to the diagram on which you are working.

This feature is available only as Windows Media Player 10 or higher is installed and setup properly.

Windows Media Player® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

October 22, 2009 BACK TO TOP

ForCoach Tactics is upgraded to v3.68 under some suggestions of users. Now, it allows users to create long duration animation diagrams and to browse them easily. This will also make it's possible to compose longer videos of drills.

In the new version, the bug, which diagram display cannot be controlled occasionally by pressing the hotkeys, is fixed.

April 28, 2009 BACK TO TOP

New versions of ForCoach software are released with user-interface improvements. To help users implement their ideas on soccer coaching, we will enhance the programs continuously to make them more stable and practical.

Now, you can post the working file of ForCoach Tactics v3.66 directly onto ForCoach Website's Share Drills, instead of submitting files by saving them on the disk. This allows users exchange their diagrams easier.

February 17, 2009 BACK TO TOP

Two new supported languages, Deutsch and Italiano, have been added in interfaces of all ForCoach programs. Now, seven user interface languages are available: Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Português and Nederlands.

November 18, 2008 BACK TO TOP

ForCoach Tactics v3.62

The Template Manager is improved. Now it allows users organized templates easier, and export template files onto and import from the disk.

User-defined colors of the field and marking are available, companioning with display quality enhancements, especially circle and triangle icon.

ForCoach of Soccer v1.61

On the Team View, you can export the table of players to MS Word document and CSV file, which columns can be redefined with the table-customize tool.

October 28, 2008 BACK TO TOP
ForCoach Tactics Upgraded
1) Create video faster
2) Customize colors of background and field marked

September 16, 2008 BACK TO TOP
New Version of ForCoach Tactics, exporting with a background picture

With earlier versions, a picture can be loaded as the background of diagram. It is designed for creating diagrams on a reference. The picture does not companion while exporting a video or slides.

Now, you can export video or presentation slides with the background picture of diagram optionally. So, the picture is not only able to be shown as a reference, but also as logo, brand or anything you put it means.

You can also print the current reference picture as the background of diagram.

August 11, 2006 BACK TO TOP

The discussing board, ForCoach Message Board was reconstructed.

It is easy-to-use, and allows you post messages without any additional registration.

You can discuss and share information about topics concerned on the board, such as program using and drills.

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July 18, 2006 BACK TO TOP
ForCoach Tactics 3.51: Animation & Video
  • Create Video of Tactics Animation Diagram
    Once start animating, steps of the whole animation will be put into the result data. Now, you can export those steps to an AVI file.

  • Video Player Integrated
    Windows Media Player is integrated to allow you to work on the diagram referencing with a video, or review videos own created.

  • Template
    It enables you to create new files based on a template, which contains basic file settings.

  • Retrieving Previous Files
    Designed for users who setup the program with the upgrading package on a directory differed from of the existing installation.

April 15, 2006 BACK TO TOP
ForCoach Tactics Version 3.42 Released
  • Using Reference Picture
    You may have a kind of stuff for tactics diagram, such as photos or drafting pictures. This version enables you to load image files (BMP, JPEG or GIF) on the background of field view. Thus, you can design diagrams referencing with the loaded picture. It also allows you to adjust picture's size and effects, e.g. brightness, contrast and color.

  • Animation with Position Seeking
    Once you start to play the animation, its all scenes are created. This let you seek every step of the animation easily, by dragging the slider or clicking on the position bar. Another useful feature is that section time can be edited on the interface directly. It needn't change the section time on the Preference box unlike working on previous version.

  • Other Improvement

    • Table of players output on PowerPoint slide

    • Ball's properties editable
    • Shift time section by clicking
    • Fixed dugs on decimals for users run the program under non-English platform.

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June 19, 2004 BACK TO TOP
ForCoach Tactics (V3.15) and Viewer (V1.06) Improved
With this version, you can create compact file that the size is only 10% of what made using previous one, even less. Now it becomes easer to transfer your drills through Internet.

June 3, 2004 BACK TO TOP
Upgrade, ForCoach Tactics Version 3.12
Not only power and robust than the last version, this release also has new useful features.

1) Add text on the diagram as instructions directly.
2) Change player's direction each 45 degrees.
3) Print diagrams in color, grayscale or monochrome.
4) Large scale picture shot the view, in color, grayscale or monochrome.

Now you can send drills to your players or colleagues for they can open the files with Tactics Viewer, a free program.

March 17, 2004 BACK TO TOP
Now you can develop sharp drills quickly and easily using ForCoach Tactics 3.0.
  • Visualize the diagram by just pressing hotkeys, zoom, rotate, pan, and fit half a field and penalty area. These capabilities help you work faster on your drill.
  • More kinds of symbol are available to make the diagram practical, cone, flag, free-kick man, speed ring and etc.
  • Comparing with early versions, new printing improvements give the ability to output a part of the diagram just you see on the view. Plus, embed the figure around illustration text.
  • Cut, copy, paste and delete symbols, sketched shapes and lines on the current diagram, or even paste on others else. Paste Special filters what you want to paste. As familiar functions, you can undo and redo your operations.
  • For senior users, apply the dependence of illustration notes to input illustration text for each diagram and time section.

Other new features:

  • Zoom to scale.
  • Save the picture captured as a JEPG file.
  • Convert the screen capture to a black and white picture.
  • Set trainers or referees on the diagram.
  • Chose black color to sketch.
  • Sketch U-shape and C-shape.
  • Snaps the mouse pointer to grids with aligning lines.
  • Navigator of illustration notes.
  • Access to menu commands by pressing Shortcut keys.

October16, 2003 BACK TO TOP
Multilingual Interface and Setup; ForCoach 1.52 Available

In this version, all ForCoach products support Français, Nederlands, Portuguese and español interface. You can also choose one of languages above at the beginning of program setup.

ForCoach of Soccer 1.52 launched. Allows you have 30 days to try regardless of early installations.

July 18, 2003 BACK TO TOP
ForCoach Tactics version 2.08 for You

The development of the program is really driven by coaches around world. We have been thinking of how to match their demands.

It allows you get 15 days to use the program regardless of early trying. You would find something changed if you have tested it before.

New features in this version:
1) Player icon shape can be set as triangle or rectangle
2) Marking on the field with straight line, arc and rectangle and circle
3) Printing improved and printing preview available
4) Players' direction changing automatically in playing back animation diagrams
5) Visibility control enhanced
6) Spanish interface improved, Dutch supported

Anyhow, this version is not bi-direction compatible with ForCoach of Soccer. This means that ForCoach Tactics can read files created in ForCoach of Soccer but the later cannot accept data from the former.

March 27, 2003 BACK TO TOP
ForCoach Tactics upgraded to version 2.0

Due to suggestions from soccer coaches around world, the program is enhanced dramatically. The new version extends the capabilities to let you figure your thinking in coaching more efficiently.

New features:
*A sequence of non-animated diagrams
*Rotation of View
*Four directions of player
*Bird-view aspect of player
*Three optional colors for player appearance
*Player moving with ball
*Sketching and symbols available in all diagrams
*Multi-ball diagram available for training
*Play with goalkeepers or without optionally
*Field marked for 5vs5 game specially
*Field marked optionally in yards or meters
*Tree-view Tactics Gallery to share works each other
*Compatible with files made in former versions
*Sending file by email directly
*Access to online registration directly

December 23, 2002 BACK TO TOP
ForCoach Message Board Opened

With several forums, it's a new channel connected clients to each other and the supplier. Discussing on the board, users can get more resources and be supported by the developer and sophisticated ones. It's also a shortcut user easily accessed to solve problems in using the programs.

Click here to join in discussing.

September 9, 2002 BACK TO TOP
ForCoach releases new versions of the autumn 2002
-- ForCoach of Soccer v1.22, ForCoach Tactics v1.35 and ForCoach Statistics v1.01 --
  • With a new benefit, converting text to list on one operation, you need not input player, team or group names one by one.
  • Automatic adjustment of display for window resizing, also suitable for resolution higher than 800X600.
  • The international interface was rewritten more correctly, especially in Portuguese.
  • The Live Guide of ForCoach Tactics becomes more robust.
  • Setup improving, it will lead you to install the program in your previous directory.

May 29, 2002 BACK TO TOP
The first version of ForCoach Statistics Released

ForCoach Statistics is a practical tool for soccer coaches with easy-to-use functions. It enables you to record actions of players in the play and make the statistics.

Registered users of ForCoach of Soccer get a password free! (Click here)

ForCoach of Soccer is upgraded to version 1.19 and ForCoach Tactics to 1.34.

February 2, 2002 BACK TO TOP
ForCoach Tactics 1.32 Released
-- Live Guide --
A new benefit, Live Guide will help user learn ForCoach Tactics more effectively.
Driven by programs written in a special kind of scripts, it can show a set of operations step by step.
With Live Guide, you can know more 'How to' maybe trouble you before.

January 3, 2002 BACK TO TOP
ForCoach Tactics 1.22 Released
* More robust and more reasonable
* Preferences for tactics design
* Setting language directly
* Shapes of symbol
* Printing table of Players

December 21, 2001 BACK TO TOP
ForCoach Tactics 1.2, plus benefits
* Print player table
* Printing improved
* Search Tool
* Delete sketches by selection
* More details in Help file
* File navigation with tactics window

December 8, 2001 BACK TO TOP
ForCoach Tactics 1.1 brings more benefits to coaches.

New capabilities:
* Game Format can be applied: 11v11, 9v9, 7v7, etc
* Field Display Control: Zoom in, Zoom out, Dragging, Zoom Fix
* Field Pattern: ratio of length to width, mark lines
* Symbols on the Field as cones for training
* Player Properties
* List of Players: view and edit info of all
* Most operation is available on menus
* Activate tactics file on menu for Full Screen
* File Properties for tracking file data

Bugs fixed:
1) Field display
2) Print number of player

ForCoach will improve its software with better performance to more coaches.

November 7, 2001 BACK TO TOP

ForCoach web is updated today with new facilities. On the home page, a column lets users and visitors easily access information what need.

Online ordering of ForCoach Tactics is available. And now permanent users of ForCoach of Soccer can get their free user license of ForCoach Tactics.

October 30, 2001 BACK TO TOP

1) A new program launched: ForCoach Tactics
* Independent of ForCoach of Soccer
* Develop and demonstrate tactics with animation
* Design and illustrate scheme for tactics and training
* Use mark pen to mark curves and contours on scheme
* Work on a visual field with operable players and ball
* Edit related text on one window
* Fully control with image buttons and display status
* Print out both of tactics scheme and text
* Multi-language (English, French, Portuguese and Spanish) interface
* Access email and web-site of homepage and support
* Options for customizing
* 15 days free trial

2) The ForCoach Software of Soccer updates to Version 1.16

September 10, 2001 BACK TO TOP
ForCoach announced a new affordable price of its software, US$35 per license. Meanwhile, it's promised that ForCoach will improve performance of the software, develop new functions and provide user the same good support constantly.

Plus, the user interface of ForCoach 1.14 + supports Français, Portuguesa and español.

August 8, 2001 BACK TO TOP
The ForCoach Software of Soccer updates to version 1.12
* User can customize tables of Teams View.
* The security of user's data is enhanced.
* The performance is further improved.
* Eliminated bugs in data list, tactics view and etc.
* International Consideration.
* The user interface is supported in Portuguese partially.

June 1, 2001 BACK TO TOP
The ForCoach Software of Soccer updates to version 1.10 with better performance:
* More stable functions and running more fast.
* Requires less system resources in runtime than version 1.02 Beta.
* Fixed bugs and fixed errors that found in version 1.02 by more than 100 trial users.

The Secure Online Ordering of the ForCoach software of Soccer is available:
* Users can register easily and securely.
* MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express or JCB card can be accepted.
* Users with US dollar checking accounts in a US bank can order with online check.
* The permanent password will be received by email within 1-2 working days.

May 18, 2001 BACK TO TOP
A New Article on Computer Simulations - by SoccerPerformance
'Computer technology has significantly transformed our lifestyles. Its effect on sports performance cannot be ignored. Coaches are realizing the potential of such technology for analyzing and simulating playing performance in competition and training. This article demonstrates several examples of modern computerized match analysis systems used in soccer.' Full Article

March 28, 2001 BACK TO TOP

The first version of ForCoach, new software for soccer coaches, launches now. ForCoach is ease to use with an affordable user interface under MS Windows. It enables coaches to manage team information more effectively, set graphic formations interactively, demonstrate tactics animation and scheme, draw strategies more clearly, prepare competitions orderly and understand persons more comprehensively.

The install packages of fully functional software can be downloaded on ForCoach web directly. A free try is offered and an online ordering will be available in the nearly future.

Hopefully, the benefits of this new technology can help more coaches to win more matches.

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