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Make drill diagrams including coaching points, which can be exported as files, videos, images or presentation slides.


Manage information of teams, players and connected persons, formations and match arrangements.


Record performance of players and team, make statistics, and compare figures with of the opponent in game playing.

Dec. 29, 2013 Updated

ForCoach programs run on major Windows platforms, form Windows 2000 to Windows 8.

ForCoach Statistics renewed, the features and buttons in recording are accessible to user by using customizable keyboard shortcuts, and the timer can be paused for users work with video stuff.

3-in-1 packed, you no longer download and install the three ForCoach programs separately.
Latest Versions
ForCoach Tactics 3.76
Tactics Viewer 1.37
ForCoach of Soccer 1.71
ForCoach Statistics 1.45
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